ShareMouse Free Download for Windows [2024]

Sharemouse Free Download

ShareMouse Download allows you to control several computers with a single mouse and keyboard. By moving the mouse to the desired computer’s monitor, the pointer smoothly transfers to that screen. Subsequently, all mouse and keyboard inputs are conveyed to that particular computer. Sharemouse Alternative functions similarly to a network KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) by transmitting mouse movements and clicks over a local LAN (Local Area Network). To enhance security, all data transmission can be safeguarded by password protection and AES encryption.

Sharemouse Download

Through the use of the monitor manager, you can supervise and control the linked monitors and computers, organizing them as required on a canvas. The positioning of monitors plays a crucial role in establishing communication boundaries between them. The switching menu provides choices to standardize monitor dimensions, enable mouse pointer movement across displays, and configure switch prevention triggers, such as when in full-screen apps, near monitor edges, or when releasing a designated key.

Integrated Tasks Among Multiple Devices:

In addition, power users will appreciate the solution that allows them to synchronize certain events and actions across all connected machines. Incorporating screen savers, remotely entering into a cold-started PC, or locking or unlocking all systems at the same time are all easily accomplished tasks. This centralized interface is similar to a physical KVM switch, but it has many more built-in benefits.

Simple Installation and Pleasant Usability:

With an emphasis on simplicity and the elimination of complicated learning curves, Sharemouse Portable presents its setup process as intuitive. To reduce the redundancy of requiring separate input devices, it is designed with people managing numerous PCs in mind. In addition, Sharemouse Free is a great option for situations with numerous PCs because it saves time and effort by not requiring additional hardware configuration.

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Features of ShareMouse Pro:

  • The brand-new Sharemouse For Mac can synchronize a plethora of events and actions between computers.
  • You may connect your keyboard to numerous devices with the help of ShareMouse.
  • Screen sharing is not possible, however the program functions similarly to a Network KVM.
  • By using ShareMouse, you can avoid purchasing a switch or USB switch keyboard and instead utilize a single keyboard to control two PCs.
  • Input from any computer’s keyboard causes the machine to act as a mouse.
  • You may use one mouse to control two computers with ShareMouse.
  • Using Sharemouse Android is as simple as hitting a button, unlike switching real mice.
  • Instead, simply point the cursor at the desired computer to access it.

System Requirements:

  • Recommended OS: Windows 7/8.1/10.
  • Memory (RAM): You’ll need 1 GB of RAM.
  • Storage Space: 10 MB of RAM is needed.
  • Intel Pentium 4 or newer processor is required.


ShareMouse is a utility tool that excels in its goal of making the operation of many computers as straightforward as possible. The encryption and password protection that it offers give the required security, while the feature that allows users to share files by dragging and dropping them and the ability to share clipboards expand the adaptability of the software. Its synchronized activities and simple setup make it appealing to users who want a smart way to manage several devices.

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